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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.4.1

Change Log

2013-12-19  Sylvain Le Gall <sylvain AT le-gall.net>

  * Version 0.4.1

  * Major changes:

     * Fix broken compilation with threads and OCaml >= 4.01 (Closes: #1358)

  * Minor changes:

    * Refactor plugins for command line interface.
    * Get rid of message 'field is set but no matching plugin' (Closes: #795, #1043).

  * Features:

    * dynrun_for_release (alpha):
       * The goal of this plugin is to allow creating release with a minimal
         setup.ml that uses '-setup-update dynamic'.
       * Refactor setup.ml to perform early checks. like looking for findlib
         and oasis.dynrun library and warns the user in case they cannot be
         found (early configure script).
       * Along setup.ml, Makefile and configure, also keep INSTALL.txt if
         StdFiles plugins is used to provide a readable list of package to 

  * Addendum to 0.4.0 release:
       * Since 0.4.0 OASIS has a limited support to syntax extension. If in the
         list of BuildDepends, one of the library ends with ".syntax", OASIS will 
         add the tag "syntax_camlp4o" to all files of this library. This new
         feature already covers some common case of using syntax extensions.