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Date: 2011-02-09 16:09
Summary:ocamleditor-1.6.0 released

- Code folding.
- Indentation glines.
- Code templates.
- Show line endings.
- File tab context menu.
- Find definition/references, based on ".annot" files. Shortcuts for
"find definition" are Ctrl+Click or Ctrl+Return; shortcut for "find
references" is Shift+Ctrl+Return. When you move to a definition,
navigation is stored in the location history.
- Automatic compilation of the currently open file. Delay and compiler
flags are configurable in project properties. Error/warning locations
are underlined in the source and marked in the "gutter" and in the
global gutter. Error messages are shown with a tooltip.
- Multiple runtime configurations.
- Added minimal support for tree-structured projects.
- Ability to specify the working directory for external tasks.
- Global shortcut for "Find All" (Shift+Ctrl+F) and in "Find Text"
dialog window (Ctrl+Return).
- Reduced CPU consumption with GtkThread as proposed in
- Various other GUI improvements and changes.

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