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Posted by: Sylvain Le Gall
Date: 2008-04-19 14:13
Summary:Forge is open to your submission
Project:Site Admin

OCamlCore.org is ready !

During the last few weeks, the OCamlCore.org Team, with the help of many other members of the community, worked hard to fix a number of problems on the site. Now we think it is ready for prime time. Therefore, following from the previous announcement of the availability of an OCaml planet and the OCaml forge beta testing, we are now ready to allow full public access to OCaml forge.

A forge is a set of services for software projects, including version control systems (CVS, SVN, ...), mailing lists, download areas, bug tracking systems, ... Well known examples are sourceforge.net, GNA, and Savannah. The forge for the OCaml community will be specifically aimed at hosting software projects related to the OCaml programming language.

This new forge has been beta tested, but you could still found some bugs. In this case, don't hesitate to submit bug to the Site admin project.

So if you want to start an ocaml project on forge.ocamlcore.org, sign-up for an account.

We want to limit the use of this forge to OCaml related project. This include software or library written in OCaml, but also projects around OCaml, using derived languages (JoCaml, OCamlDuce, ...) or providing service for OCaml community (tools for conference organization...).

Help needed:

At the moment, we have set up an hosting service for git and darcs. We are looking for experienced forge administrator that can allow us to manage this two SCM through GForge. Contact us if you are interested.

We are also looking for talented web designer to make the look of ocamlcore.org nicer. Join the project ocamlcore-theme and read the README file to know how to proceed...

the OCamlCore.org Team.

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