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Latest News

Lambdoc 1.0-beta1 released

Dario Teixeira - 2014-09-18 15:54 - Lambdoc

Lambdoc is a library providing support for semantically rich documents in web applications, built with Ocsigen/Eliom integration in mind. It includes parsers for four different markup languages: Lambtex, Lambwiki, Lambxml, and Markdown (via OMD). The library also offers the possibility of outputing any Lambdoc document as an Ocsigen HTML5 value.

OCaml EFL 1.11.0 released

Alexis Bernadet - 2014-08-25 10:01 - OCaml EFL

Majors changes:

Camlhighlight 3.0 released

Dario Teixeira - 2014-08-18 15:41 - Camlhighlight

Camlhighlight is a library offering syntax highlighting facilities for Ocsigen applications. This version features a smaller dependency set: it requires Tyxml but not Eliom.

Release of Bookaml 1.0

Dario Teixeira - 2014-08-06 16:30 - Bookaml

Bookaml is a library providing a basic API to gather information about a book given its ISBN, or to find any number of books matching given search criteria.

Release of OCaml-safepass 1.3

Dario Teixeira - 2014-07-27 09:32 - OCaml-safepass

This version features a number of patches submitted by Jonathan Curran, bringing OCaml-safepass up-to-date with the latest Bcrypt sources and enabling GCC optimisations for compiling the C portions.

OCaml EFL 1.10.0 released

  2014-06-19 16:00

PG'OCaml 2.1 released

  2014-06-06 15:43

PG'OCaml 2.0 released

  2014-05-28 21:46

CCSS 1.5 released

  2014-05-21 16:36

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