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Latest News

Release of OCaml-safepass 1.3

Dario Teixeira - 2014-07-27 09:32 - OCaml-safepass

This version features a number of patches submitted by Jonathan Curran, bringing OCaml-safepass up-to-date with the latest Bcrypt sources and enabling GCC optimisations for compiling the C portions.

OCaml EFL 1.10.0 released

Alexis Bernadet - 2014-06-19 16:00 - OCaml EFL

Major changes:

PG'OCaml 2.1 released

Dario Teixeira - 2014-06-06 15:43 - PG'OCaml

Feature-wise, this version is identical to the previous one (version 2.0). It simply adds a couple of functions for compatibility with OCaml versions before 4.00.0.

PG'OCaml 2.0 released

Dario Teixeira - 2014-05-28 21:46 - PG'OCaml

This version features the removal of Batteries as a dependency, a number of additions to the API, and the fix of some long-standing minor issues. These fixes require breaking backward compatibility, hence the new major version number. (See the changelog file for full details.)

CCSS 1.5 released

Dario Teixeira - 2014-05-21 16:36 - CCSS

This version's main feature is the support for @keyframes, used in CSS3 animations.

ocurl 0.7.0 released

  2014-03-08 22:35

ocurl 0.6.1 released

  2014-02-11 16:49

OCaml EFL 1.8.1 released

  2014-02-06 16:51

Batteries 2.2 released

  2014-01-21 16:34

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